German Shorthaired Pointer..... German Shorthair Pointer..... German Shorthair..... Shorthair..... or just plain GSP. What ever you call them.....the German Shorthaired Pointer is without a doubt the dog of choice for today.....  

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What exactly is a Gundog? A Gundog is a hunting dog. They come in all kinds. Bird dogs, rabbit dogs, duck dogs and so on. What a Gundog is not.... is a field trial dog. A bird dog that does what bird dogs are supposed to do....hunt!

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Fully trained dogs with proven hunting dog qualities. Experienced on wild birds,load and kennel, answer a whistle, "whoa", steady on point and back or honor another dogs point on sight. Hunt dead birds and retrieve to hand. Dogs that do their work..... and do it right!

Proven pups that show nose, desire and biddibility. Biddibility being the quality to learn from instruction and/or discipline, sound temperament. Whistle trained, "whoa" broke and steady on point to flush. No wild bird hunting experience. Well  trained young dogs ready to begin hunting.

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Started on everything...finished on nothing. Started dogs are being worked with a check cord. Point but not stanch/steady on point. Being worked with live game birds and are introduced to a shot gun. Showing desirable Gundog qualities.

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The dogs shown on Dogs For Sale page are for sale as Started dogs or as Fully Trained dogs. You can get the dog as is and Started or you can get the dog Fully trained.

We breed from the best to the best perspective. Utilizing proven gene pools to produce
Consistent and High percentage Litters. Color is not the first priority but we do try to raise pretty
Our German Shorthair Pointer puppies for sale are the same puppies that we train and have for sale as trained dogs.

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We provide the same training for customer dogs that we do for our own German Shorthaired Pointers that are sold as trained dogs. Manners, Style and the Overall Picture of a trained Bird Dog being the objective... enjoyable hunting companions. We train Gundogs of all the pointing dog breeds and are more than happy to accept the problem dog. Problem Dogs are those dogs which need a second chance, either from mis-handling or inherent, the dog has problems. We specialize in German Shorthair  Pointers.

Go to Apprentice Program InfoAPPRENTICE PROGRAM want to learn to train bird dogs !!!!  We offer a three month program that includes on premise lodging, kennel space for your dogs and a start to finish pointing dog training program.

Go to Summer Camp InfoSUMMER CAMP
Did you ever make big plans for a great hunt only to find out that before the first day was done your dog was done too? When the dogs quit hunting....the hunting is over. Dogs need to be in good condition to hunt. They don't get in or stay in good condition on their own.They need some type of physically demanding exercise in order to get in good condition. We know how to get a dog in shape.... and ready to hunt!

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