Hunting field trials  and  hunting dog  performance

Bird dog club, bird dog competition, bird dog classic, bird dog challenge, bird dog championship, bird dog circuit… you pick.

Muddy Creek Kennel is a Gun Dog/Hunting dog training kennel which just means that our primary focus is getting dogs ready to begin their hunting dog career. Any good, well trained dog needs to have some basics to begin with and become better at the things that make them enjoyable hunting buddies with age and experience. Dogs need to come when they are called, respond to a whistle, 'whoa',  point and hold point, hunt a dead bird, retrieve to hand and be collar conditioned. Collar conditioned just means that a dog knows what a collar does and know how to respond to the use of a shock collar.

                                                                             We decided what we needed was a Field Trial format that would promote the                                                                                     attributes bird dogs need developed in order to become good, well mannered                                                                                   hunting dogs that would also give them a chance to "show off " in a little friendly                                                                               competition. Most field trial formats have rules specific for a trial type function.                                                                                 No use of shock collars, must remain stationary after the shot and the dog must                                                                               retrieve with no assistance from the handler, no use of 'whoa', shock collar, or                                                                                   otherwise to assist the dog in establishing a point or back. Many other trial                                                                                          formats require the dogs to be trained in water retrieve, trailing , hand signals,                                                                                   steady to either wing, wing shot and kill. The list goes on for the varying criteria                                                                                 of each different format or venue that one might be involved with. 

Most of these varying different venues are not what someone who just wants to hunt with their dog are interested in. We decided to promote a trial for people who are just wanting to hunt with their dogs. Two hunters and two dogs consistent with developing experienced dogs and having friendly competition. Our goal is to see Dad, Son/Daughter, Dad/Mom, Grandpa/Grandson/Granddaughter, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Hunting buddies and anyone else wanting to participate to join in and have a good time. Good food, good friendly competition. 

Missouri is a very relaxed part of the world as far as regulations or demands that would make hunting difficult. Pretty much there are no individual regulations of any kind in a field trial venue period. They do ask that birds shot at a field trial be banded if they leave the property in order to show that the birds were pen reared and not wild. The permit we have for a field trial covers all participants and there are no licenses , permits, certifications of any kind needed to participate reguardless of residence. Everyone is welcome to participate without regulations of any kind. 

Nothing is prettier than bird dogs pointing a bird except a 

dog backing a dog pointing a bird. If you read through the 

rules for Muddy Creek BDC Pointing Team Trials you can 

see that we gear everything tword helping young dogs get

experience, everyone be successful, and genuine friendly

competition. There is no cutthroat tricks to learn, no ways 

to cheat, nothing unfair, no politics, no advantage. 

The team whose dogs find the most birds, do the best job,

and the team who shoots the best win. Any Pointing Dog 

breed can enter and there is no venue for non- Pointing

Dog breeds. Pointing dogs should be steady on point to 

flush, retrieve and handle. A good experienced bird dog

should point and hold point until the bird is flushed, no 

jumping in, no creeping. A good experienced bird dog should come when called and should know how to hunt for a dead bird and retrieve. If your dog or dogs are needing more experience we would like to invite you to come participate with us in friendly competition that will help you get the dogs some good productive experience. Nothing  like a little friendly competition to polish up your dog.  

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