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Prices and Fees charged by Muddy Creek Kennel for trained German Shorthair Pointers for sale, puppies, training, and all other services provided.

The same trained dog we sell for 3500.00 today, I sold for 500.00  once upon a time and thought 500.00 was big money!  But, then a bag of dog food was a whole whopping 8.00 for a 50lb. bag. Actually there wasn't anything but a 50lb. bag. All feed came in 50lb. bags. Believe it or not, "Hound Dog" produced by Lipscom Grain in Springfield, Mo was 3.50 for a 50lb. bag. Puppies were  50.00 maybe 100.00 . Training fees were 200.00  a month. But, you could buy flight conditioned bobwhite Quail for 1.50 a piece, and a dollar for 1000 or more.  Day old chicks  were .17 cents and  a ton of  bird feed was 125.00. Today  decent dog food is at least 35.00 a bag. Quail are 6.00 and chicks are .60 cents. So there you have it! Everything costs more today then it did thirty years ago. We appreciate our customers.

Thanks, Craig Burns


  • We sell all of our trained dogs for one price.... 3500.00

Dogs can be ordered in advance at any time and delivered when finished in training. We can pick the dog for you or you can pick the dog yourself if you are able to make the trip. We will look at as many young dogs as you like to make a choice. We will look at dogs pointing their birds and shooting the birds for them. 12 Ga. not a blank pistol. Bobwhite quail and no pigeons. We ship dogs via the airline, pet transport when necessary, but if you are able to pick up your dog when ready we can shoot some birds and you can leave seeing your dog do his work.

  • We sell our started dogs one price... 1750.00  

We can pick your dog and send your dog to you via the airlines, pet carrier transport, or you can come pick your dog yourself and leave with it.

  • Our puppies are  800.00 and that is male or female. 

We can send your pup to you via the airlines, pet carrier transport, or you can make the drive and come pick your puppy up. You can order a pup at any time and you can pay for the pup any way you choose. Give a deposit or pay in full.

  • We like to get our pups back for training and look forward to seeing them again when our customers are not going to do their own training... and  just to show how much we appreciate you having your training done with us... we don't charge for the last month training fees if you got your pup from us...  last month free!

  • Training fees are 650.00 monthly and that includes everything. No added extra charges for bird fee, kenneling fee, etc. We worm all the dogs monthly and we provide the same care for customers dogs as we do our own. Most dogs need 90 days for sufficient training.

  • Summer Camp is 500.00 monthly and Seminar is 150.00 per day.

  • All cost for shipping is the customers. Airline charges, transport, Veterinarian fee, kennel and transportation.  



Craig, Elizabeth and Daniel Burns

620 SW 90Th. Road

Jasper, Missouri 64755