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German Shorthaired Pointers bred and trained at their best since 1986

Books, videos and magazine articles. One book says this and one book says that. One video promotes this "method" and this video promotes that "method". Helpers, horses, Johnny Houses, call back pens, dummy dogs and a host of equipment ranging from bird launchers to force breaking tables. "Whoa"... you can swing him, barrel him, beam him, suit case him, stake him, hang weenies on a fishing pole in front of him...which do you prefer?  Spike collars, pinch collars, choke chains or shock collars? Do you have to have all these things to have a bird dog that will do what bird dogs are supposed to do? Look at it this way..... people had bird dogs long before the age of media and got along fine with their dogs without the "methods" and products of today. "Must have" equipment is the reason for "methods", and the book or video certainly falls within the "method" mentality.... Those with access to the media provide their opinions, experience, products and "method "for sale at costs ranging from $19.95 to $250.00. But my question is this, is it really necessary to weld a ring to your pickup truck bumper (providing you can weld and own a truck), in which to snap your check cord to, and rise before dawn daily to practice flipping your bowline knot (providing you can tie a bow line knot) proficiently before you can "whoa" train your dog...How did people" whoa" train their dog before the popular "methods" marketed today? How did they get their bird dog to honor another dogs point without backing dummies? How do you escape the confusion, frustration, disappointment and failure? Obviously you want to own a bird dog! And obviously you want to be competent at having one!  I say failure....because the things you have tried maybe haven't worked! Private lessons, handling school or seminar, whatever you want to call it. Unless you have a Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Sunday School teacher, next door neighbor or someone who "Knows" something about bird dogs to help you, help is help. What can we do with your time spent with us? Depending on the situation with your dog, we can get a lot done.....

Introduce your dog to birds, get him Pointing, Shoot his first birds, Teach you to Teach him whoa, here, and fetch. Evaluate your dog on nose, desire, temperament, and bid-ability. Problem dogs or advanced procedures such as forced retrieve and steadiness. Or maybe you just want to fine tune your dog before season. 

SEMINARS are scheduled anytime, year around, Monday through Saturday.You won't get lost in a crowd.....   

                    Jasper, Missouri
       Craig, Elizabeth and Daniel Burns
         e-mail muddycreekgsp@aol.com