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Everyone likes to be able to hunt with the least amount of nonsense as possible.... and if you are  like me.... I will take all the help I can get when it comes to knowing where the birds are. We used to walk out the door right here where we live and go Quail hunting. There are six square miles with only one road through it that I have hunted for twenty five years. But....the neighbors and their bull dozers, thirty foot brush hogs and irrigation pivots have  just about  ruined the Quail hunting in my neighborhood. So now we have to travel and go where the birds are....

I like to Pheasant hunt. Places like Greensburg, Norton, Hugoton and Barnard, Kansas. Stapp Bros. and Sumner/Sons north west of Norton farm miles of ground up around Norcatur and many times both have given me signed permission when I ask. There is a lot of CRP grass all around Greensburg and a lot of the Walk-in hunting that Kansas now has. We have stayed in Greensburg many times. Hugoton is the same way. A lot of CRP grass, Walk-in and just to the west is the Cimarron Grass Lands. Go east out of Hugoton and I have found many big farmers that are happy to give permission to hunt their pivot corners if you want to ask. The bigger the machine shed the better. Seems like the big farmers are ones that will say "sure help yourself". Barnard has a place I really enjoy if you want to have a guaranteed deal. Prairie Man's Guide Service & Lodge. Leon's number is 785-792-6375.

We like So. Dakota too. Stay at Lake Andes and hunt the Indian ground. Wagoner, Gregory and Winner are all right around there and there is a lot of Reservation ground to hunt  along with the Walk-in. You have to buy both licenses if you get off of Indian ground.Of course you can hunt all the road ditches and in good years the pheasant don't know the difference between road ditches or water-ways. Corn on both sides of the road and grass in the road ditch means pheasants. It sounds a little hokey to think about hunting in a road ditch but it is really alright. A lot of the roads are what they call minimum maintenance roads, not bad walking and the birds don't know that grass on the side of the road is any different than grass in a water way,etc. The reason people road hunt is because pheasants are there. West of Mitchell on I-90 is White Lake. Ask for Ron Ehler at the Country Store. He has a couple of houses that he has for hunters and knows every farmer around. He can give you a place to stay that is comfortable and steer you to some places to hunt. I have never went but I know several guys that are going to Montana early for Sharptail and Huns. Later for Pheasant opener too. The Fort Peck Indian Reservation has all the hunting anyone could ask for and the people I know that go up there say that it is a simple operation to get a local to direct you to where the birds are.

Oklahoma has good Quail hunting at Black Kettle and Pack Saddle. Black Kettle has more hunting than anyone can ever hunt. You check in at stations but it is no problem and it isn't hokey at all. Pack Saddle you just park and go hunt. Definitely you would want to head for the river and hunt closer to the river.

We have made the trip out to Chukar hunt in the mountains a few times. We go to Oregon/ Idaho border and stay at a little town called Jordon Valley, Oregon. The Owyhee River canyon and Three Forks area. Get your license at Rome, Oregon. There is the Leslie Gulch area and all the Chukar hunting you could ever ask for. Jordon Valley is one hundred miles north of Winnemucca, Nevada and there is Chukar hunting all over that part of the area. I think Jordon Valley is great and there are a couple of restaurants there that makes it all worth the trip. Beautiful country. The drive out there is something too...nothing but sage, lots of Antelope, Big Horn Sheep and Elk . We go across Nebraska, all the way  across Wyoming, up through Utah into Idaho and then Oregon. Chukar hunting is hard work but it is worth going. You shoot some Sage Grouse and find coveys of Hungarians. There are a lot of whatever kind of Quail they have too. Mountain Quail or California Quail I think they are. Black with a top knot. But there is unlimited hunting out there if a guy wants to go... Some friends went to Arizona this past season. They shot three different kinds of Quail. Found a lot of birds and did well. There are a gillion acres of BLM land and reservations in New Mexico and Arizona. I have talked to people that tell me you can stay in Gallup, NM. and get the Indian license. Gary French guides Quail hunting and his information is at arizonaquailservices.com

So if you are in the shape I am in and need to go hunt else where.... maybe you might consider BLM land, Montana and several Indian reservation lands. Oklahoma has a lot of good hunting and so does Kansas. Iowa has good hunting in places. We had one of the best Pheasant trips I ever had at Emmetsburg, Iowa . But... it was land owned by a Golfing buddy of a friend of mines Dad so unless you know the same people I do I can't guarantee it. There is a lot of public land around that area and it is consistently good year after year. These are a few of the places that I know of and.... hope to see you around sometime.  

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