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German Shorthaired Pointers anyone would be proud to own since 1986

Puppies are weaned at six weeks or so and can leave anytime after they are weaned. We give our first dose of vaccine at four weeks and also give the first dose of wormer at the same time. We give vaccines every two weeks until three months and the next at six months. Weaned puppies have had two vaccines and have been wormed twice. We guarantee the health of all of our dogs to be without genetic defects of any kind. Diseases are not genetic and should someone fail to follow a responsible vaccination program... we have no control after a pup leaves and we do hope everyone understands that they need to follow up with their own on going vaccination schedule.

Everyone seems to have a different idea of what a started dog is.... We "start" our pups at about six months. By "start" I mean we begin to take them out to the training field and "start" introducing them to birds, shooting and handling. Our "started" dogs are.... "started" in training.... or "beginning training". If you were to send your dog to us for training we would "start" training at the time we got the dog. We "start" training for our dogs the same as any other dog. When we get them out and begin training they have been "started". Our "started" dogs will do what any well bred "started" pup will do. Point....but not "broke to hold their birds". If dogs would point and hold point without training then there wouldn't be any bird dog trainers. Our "started" pups will point a bobwhite quail when they smell one and they are being check corded by a helper for training. They are having birds shot for them with a 12 Ga. shotgun and are not in any way "gun shy". Does that mean that they are a four year old experienced dog? means that they are "started" in learning about shooting. Can you gun shy a young started dog that you got from us....? People do things all the time to gun shy young dogs. Yes.... you could make mistakes that could create a problem....A young started dog needs conditioning to many things and shooting is only one of the many things that need to be introduced right.... Believe me when I tell you that things like shooting while they eat, taking them to the Gun Club, shooting a gun when you throw a retrieving dummy, sighting in your deer rifle, etc. are not the way to go about it. Some dogs are pretty much bullet proof and you can make a whole lot of mistakes and not "queer 'em up". But the major majority of young dogs need to be handled in ways that work.... Taking a young dog pheasant hunting in So. Dakota with eight other guys on his first trip to "get him some experience"is probably not the way to get off on the right foot. We do not sell "gun shy" dogs and...we are not responsible for what might be done accidentally or otherwise to "gun shy" a dog... just because the dog was bought  from us. If someone does not have the experience to train a bird dog then they maybe should not consider getting a "started dog". When you buy a young "started" dog you are not buying a broke four year old dog. You are not even buying a dog that has"finished" training. What you are buying when you buy a "started' dog.... is a "started dog". You would be responsible for how that "started" dog turns out. We are not responsible for any mistakes that might be made in the development of a "started" dog. We do not guarantee that you will be successful in the dogs development in any way.  

What is a trained dog...? Again there are a lot of different opinions out there about what a trained dog is. A trained dog is a dog that has learned the things that he has been taught and has  had experience with . In our case we teach a dog to answer a whistle, whoa, stand still when you call him to you, come when called, hold a point until the flush and retrieve as best as his natural ability allows unless further retriever training has been done. Does that mean that a trained dog knows and does everything that a four year old experienced dog does? 
The  answer to that question is no of course. So... what is a trained dog?  A trained dog is a well started dog that has the basics and is ready to beginhunting.  A trainer (us or anyone else) doesn't keep a dog for two years and get the dog the experience to become a broke, experienced hunting dog. You are the one that is going to finish the dog.A finished dog is a dog that does what bird dogs are supposed to do.... We shoot 75-85 planted bobwhite quail for each dog and that does not mean that the first time they go pheasant, Chukar, Ruff Grouse, desert quail, etc. that they will know how to hunt those birds, hunt that cover and perform in a way that an experienced dog will. They learn by going.... Just like started dogs, young trained dogs are not bullet proof . They need  common sense handling and patience for them to learn, mature and become experienced dogs. 
We have sold trained dogs for going on twenty years and we want the best dog you ever had to be a dog you got from us...
We sell experienced dogs satisfaction guaranteed.
All shipping cost is responsibility of the customer.