​​​​muddy creek kennels

    Craig,Elizabeth and Daniel Burns
  620 SW 90TH. Road


  e-mail muddycreekgsp@aol.com

German Shorthaired Pointers bred and trained since 1986


               We are Craig, Elizabeth, and Daniel Burns. Muddy Creek Kennel is a family business that we have operated

               full time since 1994. Of course bird dogs and training were a way of life for me long before that. Hunting 

               with good dogs of all breeds has been an inspiration but.... the German Shorthair became my breed of

               choice. Basically someone could set down and write out a list of the desired characteristics they would like

               to see in their dog and someone will be raising a German Shorthair of that type. The genetics are that versatile.

                We hunt Bobwhite Quail and Pheasant primarily....but German Shorthair Pointers will hunt anything-

                anywhere. We train with Bobwhite Quail but the same dog trained with Bobwhite Quail will go to Idaho and

                hunt Chuckar or South America and hunt Perdiz. We intend to operate Muddy Creek Kennel as our families

                business as long as we have birds to hunt and bird dogs to train.... Repeat or referral customers are priceless

                and new customers are our business. We want the dog you get from us to be the best dog you ever had.

                Someone that has a really good dog and they got from us is what it is all about.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
                We have runs for 70 dogs, 3 or 4 stud dogs, 8 or 10 brood mamas, 12 or 15 dogs being trained for customers,

                20 or 30 finished dogs for sale, 20 or 30 being developed and 20 or 30 pups growing up in the puppy pens.

                Elizabeth calls us dog farmers.... She raises puppies, cleans, feeds and whoa breaks as good as anyone there is.

                Also, not in the least, she names dogs and is my constant who's who directory.

                We sell dogs several ways... the best way is for you to come here to look at dogs for yourself. Some customers

                order their dogs in advance. We know what you want and pick one for you as we are developing this years 

                crop. Other people order a dog sight unseen. As far as my opinion goes, the best way to get a dog from us, if

                 you want it for next year, is to order one. We can pick and choose to get for you what you want. Whether you

                 come here, order a dog or get one sight unseen we want you to get the right dog the first time.

                Jasper, Missouri is located straight South of the Kansas City Airport 2.5 hours on 71 Hwy. 2.5 hours East of the

                Tulsa, OK Airport on Interstate 44. 1.5 hours West of Springfield, Mo. on Interstate 44. From Jasper we are eight

                miles west on H Hwy. North on Y Hwy. two miles. East on 90TH. RD. less than a mile and our drive says Muddy

                Creek Kennels. 620 SW 90TH. RD. Jasper,Missouri 64755

                German Shorthair Pointers are our business and we attempt to raise as good as there is.We raise and train bird

                dogs for a living.We are a hunting dog kennel and are looking for hunting dog qualities. Good bird dogs for someone  

                to hunt with. I saw a billboard sign at a tire store the other day that said    "We want your tire business".

                                                                                   " We want your bird dog business!"